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The 2nd World War 1939-1945:

Aerial Photography of Holmen, Copenhagen - January 15, 1945

1. - The floating barracks FYEN

2. - The two Danish torpedo boats NAJADEN og NYMFEN
      (later named WILLEMOES and HUITFELDT

3. - Two German barges

4. - The Danish submarines, scuttled August 29, 1943.

5. - Above the number you can see some of the scrapped
      Danish torpedo boats, which were salvaged and placed on
      land after August 29, 1943.

6. - Former Danish torpedo boat of the SPRINGEREN-

7. - German airplanes at Margretheholm. Above the figure, you
      can see an Arado, and to the right a Do 18. In front of the
      large hangar there is a 138.


Alongside Dokøen and in the dock there are some German merchant vessels.

Source: Søværnets Fjernkendingsskole

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