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Maritime Links
- Naval History

Below you will find a number of useful links to other sites of Naval/Maritime interest. You can choose a topic in the menu to the right.

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 Naval History:


The Battle of Jutland 31st May 1916
- Follow the events of the Battle of Juland step-by-step using maps, graphics etc.


Battleship Bismarck Website



Bismarck & Tirpitz
- John Asmussen's site
related to the history of the battleships of the Bismarck Class.


Dansk Militær Historie
- Danish Military History - by Gert Laursen


Dutch Submarine Hr.Ms.Potvis
- from the Royal Netherlands Navy 1965-1992


Dutch Submarines
- The Submarines of the Royal Netherlands Navy 1906-2000


Eugenio's Warships
- a private Spanish Web Site on Warships of the World


Finnish Navy in World War II
- a personal website created by Jari Aromaa, Finland


German U-Boat
- a private website on the
German U-Boats and the Battle of the Atlantic


Haze Gray & Underway
- Naval History and Photography


Historiecenter Dybbøl Banke
- Website covering the war between Denmark and Prussia/Austria in 1864


History Television Online


International Journal of Naval History
- A Global Forum for Naval Historical Scholarship


Journal for Maritime Research


V. & B. Lüdicke's Website
- A personal website on the East German Volksmarine


Naval Historical Center
- Department of the Navy - Today in U.S. Naval History


Naval History
- An unofficial look at the Royal Navy and its History


- Naval Weapons, Naval Technology and Naval Reunions


Navy News
- The newspaper of the Royal Navy


Navy Newsstand
- The source for Navy News


- A Virtual project of Danish Naval Data between Danish Naval Museum, National Archives and the Royal Danish Naval Library


Russian Navy - only large host available in English containing information about Russian Navy


The HMS Cossack Association
- The Association for those who served onboard either of the Royal Navy Destroyers: HMS Cossack


The HMS HOOD Association
- The official website of the veterans and families of the HMS HOOD


The War at Sea
- World War One


Warships On the Web - Information and pictures of warships of the world from the ironclad era to the present day


- Battleships, Carriers and all other Warships


World Navies Today - All the Worlds Navies


Øster Riisør III
- T
he Risor division of the Danish-Norwegian Navy 1807-1814 - Stiftelsen "Kanonjolle af 6. juli 1812"

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