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Maritime Links
- Navies of the World

Below you will find a number of useful links to other sites of Naval/Maritime interest. You can choose a topic in the menu to the right.

- The flags just to the right of a link indicates the accessible languages.

 Navies of the World (0fficial Web Sites):


Argentina - Armada Argentina



Australia - The Royal Australian Navy



Belgium - The Royal Belgium Navy



Brazil - Marina do Brazil



Canada - National Defence - Navy



Chile - Armada de Chile



Denmark - Søværnet



Estonia - Eesti Kaitsevägi



Finland - The Finnish Defense



France - Marine National



Germany - Deutsche Marine



Greece - The Hellenic Navy






India - Indian Navy



Ireland - Óglaigh na hÉireann



Israel - Israel Defense Force



Italy - Marina Militare Italiana



Japan - Japan Defense Agency



Latvia - Latvijas Júras Spéki






NATO - The North Atlantic Treaty Organization



Nederlands - Koninklijke Marine



New Zealand - The Royal New Zealand Navy



Norway - Den Kongelige Norske Marine



Peru - Marina de Guerra del Perú



Philippines - Philippine Navy



Poland - Marynarka Wojenna Rzeczypospolitej Polskiej



Portugal - Defesa Marinha



Russia - The Russian Navy



Singapore - The Republic of Singapore Navy



South Africa - The South African Navy



Spain - Armada Española



Sweden - den Kongelige svenske marine



Thailand - Royal Thai Navy



Turkey - Turkish Armed Forces



United Kingdom - The Royal Navy



United States of America - U.S. Navy



Venezuela - Armada República


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