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CIWS fired for the first time:

ABSALON fires her new Close-In Weapons System for the first time

As part of completing the installation of her combat systems, the command and support ship ABSALON underwent final checks on the ship's gunnery systems.

The command and support ship ABSALON fires her aft 35 mm CIWS.
(Photo: Royal Danish Navy)

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By Johnny E. Balsved

As part of completing the installation of the combat systems on the command and support ship ABSALON, which has included installation of the C-FLEX combat information system and CEROS fire control system, in weeks 43 and 44 ABSALON was to undergo final checks on the ship's guns.

This included firing the new point-defence autocannon, the CIWS (Close-in Weapons System) for the first time. In Danish military parlance the CIWS is designated 35 mm Maskinkanon M/04 LvSa.

Completed to satisfaction

The test firing was attended by representatives from the Danish Navy's two operational logistic centers, the Naval Weapons School, the contractors who supplied the fire control system and the 35 mm cannon, as well as the Danish Defence Acquisition and Logistics Organization (DALO), who were responsible for the test firing.

There is always a certain excitement associated with firing a new weapon system for the first time, and those involved with ABSALON have long been looking forward to this activity.

However, not all parts of the comprehensive gunnery program were completed.

This was due in part to meteorological factors, which among other things prevented firing at aerial targets on one of the days, and also due to miscellaneous small defects that were discovered in the equipment. Several of these were rectified whilst at sea, and others will be subsequently corrected by the contractors.

All in all, the tests gave a good impression of the ship's gunnery and fire control systems.

The command and support ship ABSALON at sea, Autumn 2007.
(Photo: Danish Navy)

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Translated by Alan Russel (May 4, 2008)

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Søværnets operative Kommando, Admiral Danish Fleet, Aarhus.

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