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Hans-Jørgen Høinæs, fiolsof og kristendomshistorikerIn memory of
Hans-Jørgen Hoeinaes

The fact that this website became a reality, I will  dedicate to my very good, but now late friend Hans-Jørgen Hoeinaes.

Hans-Jørgen carried the local nickname, "The Bishop".

Born in Norway, but living most of his adult life in Denmark, thereby he confirmed the ancient Norwegian-Danish relations.

He possessed a highly esteemed and valuable position in the Danish cultural and educational life; as a teacher at the "Statens Teaterskole" (The National Theater Academy) etc., but also as an author of several books.

I first met Hans-Jørgen, as a colleague, at the folk high school in Kalundborg. The first impression he left, was that of an extremely self-centered, narrow-minded and affected person.

Almost within a few days, I had to revise my point of view.

This great Norwegian guy turned out to be a fantastic human being; showing a broad variety of ethics and humanistic points of view, together with an incredible inside in to the history.

We did hold many long discussions; quite a lot of subjects were discussed most intense, some very late at night. The discussions were held, both in our homes, or at "The Royal Chambers" (King's Pub) in Kalundborg or traveling together onboard the local train between Kalundborg and Jyderup in Northern Zealand.

At the time I reached 50 years of age, Hans-Jørgen personally presented me to a most welcome gift.

The gift turned out to be an antiquarian book, "Records of Admiral of the Fleet Lord Fisher", published in 1919.

To confirm his humanistic point of view, he had made the following dedication in this book:

"To my dear Sir Johnny, Friend and Admiral.
This book is a rarity among historians of Warfare on Sea, and some backgrounds for the First World War.
I am looking forward to good collaboration in the Staff.
Your friend Bishop Hans-Jørgen".

My friend, the Bishop, did at the very same time urge me to concentrate more on my life-long interest, the naval history.

Dear Hans-Jørgen, this is my background for dedicating this website to your memory, even realizing your strong opponent ship of the modern technology...

I do most appreciate the fact that he became part of a real mutual friendship.

Most unfortunately we will be unable to discuss further.

You are missed among your friends, the Doctor, the Captain and the Admiral.

Hans-Jørgen Høinæs died January 11th, 2001

"Hold in High Esteem among Friends and Colleagues,
all Honor to Your Memory!"

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