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The 2nd World War 1939-1945:

The protection force, formed on September 1st, 1939

1 coast defense ship (NIELS IUEL)
6 torpedo boats (GLENTEN and DRAGEN Classes)
7 submarines
4 submarine tenders, patrol- and survey ships

Various vessels:
3 icebreakers
5 patrol cutters (from the Custom service)
1 patrol vessel (from the Ministry of Fishery)
1 from the Lighthouse Authority (temporary)

Air force:
11  sea planes stationed in Copenhagen
2 with the naval units at Aarhus
2 stationed at Slipshavn.
9 aircrafts at the naval base at Avnø.

Coast defense works:
Command Center Lynetten
Mosede battery

The Royal Danish navy had 4300 men on active duty.

Source: Parlamentarisk Kommission, Vol. 1, page 177.

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