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Winther, Jens L.

Personal Information

Full Name:

Jens Lange Winther

Date of Birth:

April 28, 1935

Commander s.g. Jens L. Winther

Place of Birth:



Son of postmaster Valdemar Lange Winther and wife Anna Christine Dencker, born Christensen


Married to Regitze Lilliecreutz Flöystrup






Naval Cadet

November 1, 1955

Sub Lieutenant

October 1, 1956


October 1, 1960

Lieutenant Commander

April 1, 1966


January 1, 1978

Commander s.g.


Orders, Decorations & Distinctions


Orders, Decorations & Distinction:

October 4, 1982

Officer of the Order of the Dannebroge


Military Service


Military Service:

July 1956
- September 1956

On mine sweepers of the NÆS Class

September 1956
- October 1957

On frigates of the ESBERN SNARE Class

October 1957
- October 1958

At the Navy Basic Training Camp

October 1958
- October 1958

1stk officer on motor torpedo boats (MTB'S)

October 1, 1959
- April 26, 1962


February 1962
- April 1965

Assistant officer at Vosper Ltd. Portsmouth, England building new Gas turbine Torpedo Boats (GTB's)

April 26, 1962
- January 25, 1965

Co of the MTB'S Mobile Base (MOBA)

January 1965
- March 1965

Sea trials on the GTB's SØLØVEN and SØRIDDEREN in England

February 15, 1965
- April 14, 1965

CO of the GTB SØRIDDEREN and the 114th Torpedo Boat Division

March 1, 1965
- March 1968

At the Defense Staff, Department of Operations. At the same time (September 1965-June 1966) joined the Norwegian Staff Course in Oslo, Norway

March 1968
- March 1971

AT the HQ for the Operational Forces (Karup, Jutland)

April 1971
- July 1972

1st officer on the inspection ship HVIDBJØRNEN, fishery inspection of Greenland and the Faeroe Islands

July 1972
- February 1974

At the staff of the Naval Operations Command

February 1974
- February 1977

Chief of the Operations Department of the Naval Operations Command

February 24, 1977
- October 11, 1977

CO of the inspection ship HVIDBJØRNEN

December 5, 1977
- April 20, 1978

CO of the inspection ship INGOLF

May 1, 1978
- July 31, 1981

Commander of the Inspectors team of the Naval Staff

July 31, 1981

CO of the frigate PEDER SKRAM


Other Achievements






Additional Comments

Was the CO of the frigate PEDER SKRAM, when a HARPOON missile was accidental launched on September 6, 1982.

44Read the complete story here







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Danske Søofficerer 1933-1982, edited by S. E. Pontoppidan and J. Teisen, published by Søe-Lieutenant-Selskabet, Copenhagen, 1984

44You are also referred to the Naval Bibliography

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