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Artifacts Wanted

Photos, films, videos and other Danish Naval artifacts

Torpedo exercise on board the torpedo boat HØGEN 1939-1940.
(Photo from enlisted Corporal K. C. Olsen)

The Danish national archives (Rigsarkivet, The Royal Library, The Royal Danish Naval Museum and the Royal Danish Naval Library) houses thousands and thousands of pictures and artifacts covering several hundreds of years of Danish naval history.

The Ships Bell from the Hospital Ship JUTLANDIA.

Quite a number of private photos, films, videos, artifacts etc. are still "hidden" in private closet, unknown to the public. Many of these pictures might be valuable to be preserved for future generations.

Danish Naval History and the Royal Danish Naval Museum are trying to make a  register of most of these items.

Many of the items are privately owned, completely legal, it is however very import to have a register of the items in view of future research projects.

Where is the Sword of Honor?

Up till now, we have succeeded in locating the ships bell from the former Danish hospital ship JUTLANDIA, the Danish contribution to the Korean conflict in 1951-1953.

The bell is privately owned, completely legal, but the researchers do now know where to look for it.

A great number of artifacts etc. are still scattered around the country and abroad.

Do you have knowledge of such items, then please contact me.

Right now I am lacking information on the Sword of Honor, that Lieutenant Commander Carl Wilhelm Jessen, later Rear Admiral and Governor at the Danish West Indies, was awarded by HM the King of Denmark in 1801, as an appreciation for his duties as CO of the Danish brig LOUGEN during the "Battle off the West Kay" in March, 1801.

The Sword of Honor wears the inscription: "For udvist mod den 3. marts 1801" (i.e. For displayed courage on March 3, 1801).

Could you give me a clue on where to locate this Sword of Honor, or do you have a picture of it, then please contact me by phone og e-mail.

Photo Albums, films etc.

Do you hold pictures, films, videos etc., then I will be glad to receive a copy of these.

Admiral C. W. Jessen

Rear Admiral
Carl Wilhelm Jessen

If you are unable to copy the pictures yourself, I will be most happy to assist you on this matter.

You might have inherited a collection, ad do not know what to do with it! - Don't just throw it away. Such a collection might not represent any financial value, it might be of great interest to researchers in stead, just representing a great cultural value.

Whenever in doubt, please contact me for a brief discussion.


Are you able to contribute with pictures, films, stories etc. to the research on Danish Naval History, the I will be most happy to hear from you.

All material can be forwarded to:

Johnny Balsved
Bøgevej 29 - Havnsø
DK-4591 Føllenslev
Phone: (+45) 59 26 30 05

or by E-mail to:


If you want your material back, then please remember to give me a complete return address and eventually your phone number.

All received material will primarily be used on this web site, and a copy of the material will be handed over to the Royal Danish Naval Museum, unless I am otherwise notified by you.

If you do not want your material back, it will be handed over to the Royal Danish Naval Museum, when I have finished my research.

Crew Members for the Coastal Battle Ship PEDER SKRAM from around 1915...

A small group from the Coastal Battle Ship PEDER SKRAM, accompanied by the ships dog around 1915.
(Photo from Jens Møller Jensen, Toftlund)

- Do you miss a major event on this Site,
or do you hold a great story?

Are you able to contribute to the unfolding of the Danish Naval History,
please e-mail me, enclosures are welcome.
Please remember to list your sources.

You can also use the Naval Web Forum on this web-site.

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