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The Visions of this Web Site

The intentions of this Web Site are not just to make an internal Web Site eligible for the maritime historic enthusiasts!

The main purpose is to present our naval history in such a manner, that ordinary people would also gain an interest to learn more of the Danish Naval history.

Not just to the Danes, but to a larger audience around the globe.

Harpoon launched from Danish Patrol Vessel...

One of the FLYVEFISKEN Class
Patrol Boats
launching a Harpoon missile.
(Photo: Royal Danish Navy)

The Visions

The main objective is to make most parts of the Danish Naval History from 1801 to the present day available in an electronic form, in Danish and US/English on the Internet, making the History available to visitors around the World.

The stories will not just be made available in an electronic form, the purpose is also to exploit the constantly evolving possibilities to keep the stories updated both based upon facts, but also based on new technology to present the stories in a more modern virtualized fashion.

This web-site will not only tell the big stories covering the "great battles", i.e. "The Battle of Copenhagen Roads 1801", "The Battle of Heligoland 1864" or "The scuttling of the Royal Danish Navy in 1943" etc.

These great events in our naval history are excellent covered in depth through a number of printed books and articles etc. in both Danish and English.

Of course these stories will also be covered, but are you looking for unit histories, personal stories and memoir's as well?

- Then you have arrived at the right site. The smaller episodes, but not less heroics.

The official reports normally tell the stories seen from the Admirals' point of view, but that is not always the complete story.

This site will even find room for the smaller events, see for instance "Naval Life".

This is the room for the day to day story, for the personal stories and for the enlisted men etc.

The Danish North Sea Squadron off Heligoland 1864

The Danish North Sea Squadron off Heligoland May 9, 1864.
In front is the frigate NIELS IUEL, followed by JYLLAND and the corvette HEJMDAL.

This Web Site will most probably never be complete; the history continues to evolve.

Latest design layout of the new patrol ships

The future Royal Danish Navy? - Latest design layout of the new patrol ships planned to enter service during 2010-2011.
(Illustration by courtesy of The Naval Material Command)

Your Contribution is Most Welcome

A Web Site of this size cannot in anyway be maintained and extended by only a single hand, therefore your contribution i most welcome.

Can you write a good naval story, based on facts of course. Do you hold personal memories from your time in the Navy, or do you hold pictures, diaries or letters describing some of yours or your family members naval life.

Please forward any story to the Web Master. Off course we will bring the stories of the admirals, but there is plenty of room for the more day to day tales of the enlisted men.

You could also make a financial donation to this Web Site!

A financial donation would help keeping this web site online, not only the Danish part, but will contribute greatly in having quite a number of the already publicized stories translated into US/English.

44Read more on how to make a Financial Donation

The Web Editor, Johnny Balsved, is here seen at his favorite working platform.

- Do you miss a major event on this Site,
or do you hold a great story?

Are you able to contribute to the unfolding of the Danish Naval History,
please e-mail me, enclosures are welcome.
Please remember to list your sources.

You can also use the Naval Web Forum on this web-site.

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