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The corvette OLFERT FISCHER is approaching USS WISCONSIN for replenishment.
(Photo from the Naval Library's collections)

It could almost look like a rendezvous between David and Goliath, but this get together was much more peaceful, as the Royal Danish Navy's corvette OLFERT FISCHER (F355) went in for a replenishment at sea (RAS) with the mighty battleship USS WISCONSIN (BB64) in the Persian Gulf on November 24, 1990.

The Danish corvette took part in the UN embargo against Iraq, while the WISCONSIN was part of operation DESERT SHIELD/DESERT STORM that should liberate Kuwait from the Iraqi occupation.

With a length of 84 meters and a displacement of 1,320 tons, the OLFERT FISCHER could look like an escort for the 58,000 tons' battleship with a total length of 262 meters.

Not to mention that the USS WISCONSIN with a maximum speed of 33 knots could actually outrun the small corvette, which is "only" capable of running nearly 30 knots with the turbines on full thrust.

The main armament on the mighty battleship, beside the missiles, consi-sting of 9 each 16 inch (406 millimeter) guns are able to open fire on a distance of 39 kilometers.

As the pictures shows the rendezvous went peacefully, as a meeting between two NATO allies also is expected to be.

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