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Arendrup, A. E.

Personal Information

Full Name:

August Emil Arendrup

Date of Birth:

June 12, 1900

Captain A. E. Arendrup

Place of Birth:

St. Croix, Danish West Indies


Son of planter Herluf Christian Arendrup and wife Margaret, born Moore


Married May 9, 1933 in Søllerød kirke to Gunver Arntzen, born Bryde
(Marriage canceled 1944)






Naval Cadet

April 1, 1923

Sub Lieutenant

April 1, 1924


July 1, 1932

Lieutenant Commander

May 1, 1939


May 15, 1947

Commander s.g.

November 1, 1951



Orders, Decorations & Distinctions


Orders, Decorations & Distinction:

June 15, 1946

Officer of the Order of the Dannebroge

April 2, 1952

Commander of the Order of the Dannebroge

January 29, 1960

Knight Commander of the Order of the Dannebroge


Military Service



October 1923
- May 1924

On the patrol vessel BESKYTTEREN to the Faeroe Islands


Course at the Naval Aviators Observer's School


At the Naval Aviation Department


On the royal yacht DANNEBROG

October 1925
- February 1926

Gone through submarine training for officers


Gone through the Naval Academy


Gone through the Naval Academy

1926, 1927 and 1928

By turns serving at the Naval Aviations Department and the Submarine Division

May 1928
- August 1928

On the coast defense ship NIELS IUEL


On the patrol vessel FYLLA to Iceland

April 2, 1930
- April 8, 1931

Serving in the Italian Navy


On the coast defense ship NIELS IUEL


At the Naval Artillery's training section

May 1932
- August 1932

On the patrol vessel BESKYTTEREN

1933 og 1934

On the coast defense ships OLFERT FISCHER and PEDER SKRAM

1934 og 1935

Adjutant at the Coastal Command


Commander of the Mosede Battery

1936, 1937, 1938 and 1939

At the staff of the Coastal Command


Commander of the patrol vessel MAAGEN, fishery protection at Greenland

May 1939
- July 1939

On the coast defense ship PEDER SKRAM

July 15, 1939
- August 29, 1943

Department manager for the Naval Artillery's training section

September 20, 1939
- May 1, 1940

On the coast defense ship PEDER SKRAM in the protection force


Teacher of Artillery at the Naval Academy

April 28, 1943
- August 29, 1943

On the coast defense ship NIELS IUEL as Artillery officer and head of a artillery course


In Aalborg working for the Navy's "illegal" staff


Commander of Naval District Jutland North

August 1945
- October 1945

Commander of the Flakfortet

October 1945
- December 1945

Commander of the survey ship HEJMDAL, training ship for Naval Cadets

January 1946
- May 1946

Commander for the Naval Basic Training Camp, Arresødallejren

April 1946
- April 1950

Chief of staff at the Coastal Command

May 1950
- December 1950

Commander of the frigate NIELS EBBESEN

June 1951
- August 1953

Chief of staff at the Coastal Command

April 1953
- May 1953

Chief of the Coastal Command's training group

September 1953
- February 1954

Gone through NATO Defense College in Paris

September 1954
- November 1956

Deputy Chief of Staff, Training and Personnel at the Headquarters Allied Forces Northern Europe, Kolsaas, Norway

December 1956
- October 1960

Chief of the Sounds Naval Command in Aarhus

October 1960
- June 30, 1962

Chief of the Naval Transportation Department

June 30, 1962

Discharge due to age


Other Achievements



April 26, 1930
- November 15, 1930

On the Italian cruiser TRENTO in the Mediterranean

November 16, 1930
- April 8, 1931

On the Italian destroyer EMANUELE PESSAGNO to Dakar and Rio de Janeiro


Additional Comments








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Danske Søofficerer 1933-1982, edited by S. E. Pontoppidan and J. Teisen, published by Søe-Lieutenant-Selskabet, Copenhagen, 1984


Det Danske Søofficerskorps 1801-1919, by Th. A. Topsøe-Jensen, Gyldendals Boghandel and Nordisk Forlag, Copenhagen, 1919


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