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Dodt, Frans M.

Personal Information

Full Name:

Frans Martin Dodt

Date of Birth:

May 10, 1776

Lieutenant Commander F. M. Dodt

Place of Birth:

Elsinore, Northern Zealand


Son of merchant Arent Henrich Dodt and wife Sussanne Marie Dodt, born van Dockum: a sister of Vice Admiral van Dockum








Naval Cadet

July 21, 1794


April 17, 1795

Sub Lieutenant

November 28, 1800


August 17, 1809

Lieutenant Commander


Orders, Decorations & Distinctions


Orders, Decorations & Distinction:

January 28, 1810

Officer of the Order of the Dannebroge


Military Service


Military Service:


Service on the frigate TRITON in the Mediterranean Squadron


Service on the frigate THETIS (return to Denmark)

1798, 1799 and 1800

Service on the frigate ST. THOMAS (Guard ship in the Sound)


In the absence of the Guard ship acting as Duty Officer at the pier in Elsinore

December 16, 1799

Acting Enlistment Officer in Elsinore, Northern Zealand


Service on the brig LOUGEN to the Danish West Indies

May 2, 1805

On leave for 6 months (see Additional Comments)

November 4, 1805

Back in service

April 28, 1806

On leave for 6 months (see Additional Comments)


Service on the frigate FREDERIKSVAERN (Guard ship in the Sound)


Commander of the boat LANGESUND (Copenhagen Defense Squadron)

November 1807-
February 1808

Service at the Donse Powder Mill, thereafter to Kalundborg, Northwestern Zealand

March 25, 1808

Ordered to immediately leave Kalundborg for Ebbelykke, Northwestern Zealand, for, as a negotiator, to arrange the release of prisoners and seeking information of the battle and watch the salvage of the ship-of-the-line PRINDS CHRISTIAN FREDERIK


Commanding the mail traffic from Lolland to the duchies in South Slesvig


Commanding Officer of the Gun boat Division at Taars (Southern part of the Great Belt)


Inspector at the Elsinore Ferry Boat Society

October 14, 1818

Resignation from the Navy


Other Achievements



March 3, 1801

Was wounded during the battle at the West Kay, between LOUGEN and 2 English frigates, in the Danish West Indies.

44Read the complete story here

August 15-16, 1807

His bravery in battle was acknowledged by the CO of the frigate FREDERIKSVAERN. The frigate was forced to strike the Naval Ensign after 1 hour battle with the British frigate COMUS off Marstrand, Sweden. The Danish frigate struck the flag, when the British ship-of-the-line DEFENCE appeared at the scene as well.

August 26, 1807

Was wounded for the second time in the minor battle in the Bay of Svanemoellen, just North of Copenhagen


Additional Comments

F. M. Dodt was an eager draughtsman, and had made several sketches illustrating the battle off the West Kay, in the Danish West Indies.
At his return to Denmark, in 1801, he was granted 2 times 6 months leave, in order for him to make 2 copperplates to illustrate the battle.





December 13, 1819


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