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Contributions to this Site

Your Contribution is Most Welcome!

Please feel free to assist me in the continuous attempt to improve and promote this website.

You can do this by writing your part of the naval history or sending photos etc.

You are of course welcome to write in English, I will take care of the translation to the Danish visitors.

Your name will naturally be mentioned if your story is published.

However, must emphasize that this is a no-pay job, just a hobby as it is for the webmaster.

It is possible to comment on this site by signing the Guest Book, or play an active part by using the Naval History Web Forum.

Please feel free to e-mail me at any time, enclosures are welcome. Always remember to name your sources.

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Room for Your Biography

It is NOT a picture of the Web Master!All contributors to this website can have a small biography published on this site. If wanted, please write a short description and enclose a photo.

When and if your story is published, your biography will be published on the list of contributors to this site.

You can of course at anytime send me updates to your biography, just like the biography will be removed immediately upon your request.

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Financial Donations

You could also make a financial donation to this Web Site!

A financial donation would help keeping this web site online, not only the Danish part, but will contribute greatly in having quite a number of the already publicized stories translated into US/English.

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- Do you miss a major event on this Site,
or do you hold a great story?

Are you able to contribute to the unfolding of the Danish Naval History,
please e-mail me, enclosures are welcome.
Please remember to list your sources.

You can also use the Naval Web Forum on this web-site.

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