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February 24, 2005

Frigate like patrol ships:

Finishing the Engineering
of the new Patrol Ships

The engineering of the three new patrol ships continues as part of the recent defense agreement for 2005-2009.

Shortly before Christmas Naval Material Command made an agreement with Odense Steel Shipyard Ltd. to finish the engineering of the three new patrol ships for the Royal Danish Navy.

A 30 year jubilee for the corvettes of the NIELS JUEL Class is possible before the relief is in place.

By Johnny E. Balsved

According to the project manager for the patrol ship project, commander senior grade Anders Beck Jørgensen, the Naval Material Command shortly before Christmas made an agreement with Odense Steel Shipyard Ltd regarding the finalizing of the engineering, design and certain preparations for production, in connection with the building of the planned three new patrol ships for the Royal Danish Navy.

The first design draft of the new frigate like patrol ships

The first design draft of the new frigate like patrol ships.
(Illustration by courtesy of the
Naval Material Command)

Replacement for the corvettes

The Patrol ships are intended as replacement for the three aging corvettes of the NIELS JUEL Class, that were commissioned into the Royal Danish Navy in 1980-82.

Because of their size, endurance and planned armament, the correct term would be frigates, and not patrol ships.

But the new ships will fill the bill of the new expeditionary defence policy very well. Much better than the corvettes, they are replacing, did on several occasions. Build as they were for the cold war scenario in the Baltic and its approaches.

Expected main dimensions:

  • Length o.a.: 137 meters, beam: 20 meters & draught: 6 meters.

  • Displacement fully loaded: 6,200 tons.

Maximum speed to be at least 28 knots, and with an unrefueled range of 9,000 nautical miles including one month of supplies.

The new ships will be build on the same hull as the ABSALON Class – however without the Ro-Ro deck. Some of the height saved will be utilized to provide extra space for cable trays etc. above the false ceilings in the remaining decks.

Furthermore they will be provided with more powerful sensors and weaponry, as the proper combat units they will be.

The new frigate like patrol ships will look much the same as the new support ships

The new frigate like patrol ships will look much the same as the new support ships, here the ABSALON, but would not have the large flex deck.
(Photo: Master Sergeant Claus J. Gustafsen, Frederikshavn)

Fully operational 2010

The agreement with the yard on finalizing engineering and design and certain preparations for production is a direct result of a appropriation bill, and furthermore of the recent defence agreement in Parliament for the period 2005 to 2009.

It is expected in the Naval Material Command that MOD arrange for contract and final delivery in 2006.

When the ships have been finished by the building yard, final fit out with armaments and electronics will most likely happen at a naval station.

Admiral Danish Fleet, rear admiral Kurt B. Jensen, said in his speech at the New Years parade, that he expects the new ships will be fully operational in 2010-2012. Which means the NIELS JUEL Class will turn 30 before relief is in place.


In accordance with the task given to the new ships are diverse a good general suit of armaments is expected to be fitted, with the focus on air defense with both guns and missiles, and in general follow the trend set by the ABSALON Class with the same long range 127 mm Gun M/02 and the 35 mm Gun M/04 (CIWS).

In connection with the contract for the first 4 guns for the ABSALON Class, options on the Oerlikon Contraves Millennium were taken. And they are seen as placed both ahead of the bridge as on top of hangar aft.

The aiming of these new guns will most probably be by means of the SaabTech CEROS gun fire control system.

Apart from above mentioned the ships will also have a number of the RDN flexible container weapons system.

This will facilitate the reuse of existing weapon systems such as HARPOON SSM Block II and the Raytheon Evolved Sea Sparrow Missiles (ESSM).

The US Navy standard 5" gun

The US Navy standard 5" gun
(127 mm) will also be the new Danish standard for the larger ships.
(Photo: US Navy)

CIWS 35 mm Millennium proto type

CIWS 35 mm Millennium proto type.
Rheinmetal DeTec Group)

Helicopter Flight deck

The ships will in line with established practice have a flight deck and hangar aft. These will be seized for a medium  helicopter – most likely the EH101 – which is now going into service with the Royal Danish Air Force.

Money for 4 of these helicopters in a maritime version are sanctioned in the latest defense agreement. No contract has however not been signed yet.

The first Danish Agusta-Westland EH-101 during test flight

The first Danish Agusta-Westland
EH-101 during test flight.
(Photo: Royal Danish Air force)

Translated by Lars-Henrik Arvedsen

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Naval Material Command (Søværnets Materielkommando), Copenhagen

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