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New class of vessels named:

The eighth vessel to carry the name DIANA

Yesterday morning the RDN's newest vessel was assigned the name DIANA. It is one of the so-called Mk II vessels, which is to replace the BARSØ Class naval cutters.

The patrol vessel DIANA

The patrol vessel DIANA shortly before the naming ceremony at the Korsør naval base.
(Photo: Johnny Balsved)

By Johnny E. Balsved

Yesterday morning the RDN's newest vessel was given the name DIANA at the Korsør naval base. This vessel is the first of a total of six vessels, previously designated "Mk II" vessels, which are to replace the nine naval cutters of the BARSØ Class within the next two years.

It was officially announced that the new type of vessels hereafter is to be named the DIANA Class.

Adopted by the town of Dragør

Admiral Danish Fleet Headquarters (SOK) had decided some time ago that the town of Dragør should adopt the first DIANA Class vessel.

Accordingly Dragør's mayor, Allan Holst, was asked to name the first vessel.

The ships will be the RDN's workhorses of the future.

Therefore much emphasis has been placed on improving the facilities for the crew and on modern equipment for surveillance of territorial waters, which will be the main task of these vessels.

The DIANA Class can also assist in maritime rescue, environmental monitoring, and pollution clean-up tasks.

The new class of vessels is equipped with a flex-container position and can therefore carry the RDN's standard containers in addition to the permanent equipment.

One ground-breaking feature is that the ship's inflatable can be launched from a ramp on the stern of the vessel.

Dragør's mayor Allan Holst, names DIANA

Dragør's mayor Allan Holst, names DIANA.
(Photo: Johnny Balsved)

This is intended to make it substantially safer for the crew in adverse weather conditions.

Eighth vessel to carry the name

The name DIANA is not a new ships name in the RDN; in fact, it is one of the most commonly used. The patrol vessel will be the RDN's eighth vessel to bear this name.

The first DIANA joined the RDN as far back as 1677. It was a so-called "jaght" of more or less the same size as its new namesake. However, it was armed with cannons and fought on the Swedish side at the Battle of Køge Bugt in 1677, where it was captured by the Danes, and served in the Danish Navy until 1685.

The most recent vessel to carry the name was the corvette DIANA (1955-1974), but five other vessels have carried the name: the inspection vessel DIANA (1917-1935), the powered schooner DIANA (1864-1903), the frigate DIANA (1823-1850), the corvette DIANA (1818-1822) and finally the frigate DIANA (1804-1809).

The patrol vessel DIANA in the background with the naval cutter BARSØ in font

The patrol vessel DIANA in the background with the naval cutter BARSØ in font during the naming ceremony at Korsør naval base.
(Photo: Johnny Balsved)

Translated by Alan Russel (December 17, 2007)

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Søværnets operative Kommando, Admiral Danish Fleet, Aarhus.


Danish Defense Acquisition and Logistics Organization

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