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Danish Naval History...The Patrol Vessel DIANA heading south with the Oresund Bridge in the background...

Welcome on Board!

This site comprises the Royal Danish Navy to-day, plus main parts of the Royal Danish-Norwegian, and from 1814, the Danish Navy's History, from the official birth of the Navy, August 10, 1510 to the present day.

- Almost five centuries "Fighting for the Navy".

- A proud Navy, a Navy working for peace.


-News from the Navy:


Frigate building in progress

Building of the new frigates proceeds according to plan. However it seems as if the information procedures at The Defence Acquisition and Logistics Organization requires considerable update in order to give the taxpayer proper information during the building period.


HAVFRUEN is the name

Third new patrol vessel named in a ceremony at the naval base in Korsør. Thursday September 25, 2008 was the day for the naming of the latest patrol boat in The Royal Danish Navy.


Next Stop Malta

ABSALON is heading South on its first Live International Mission. Sunday, August 17, ABSALON left Frederikshavn, heading for Bahrain, where the Navy mid-September will be taking over command of the multinational naval force, Combined Task Force 150.


ABSALON to Task Force 150

Royal Danish Navy takes Command in the Fight against Terror and Piracy. At the end of August the staff of the Danish Task Group aboard the ABSALON will be taking over command of the international naval force off the Horn of Africa for the next six months.

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-Latest Photo Albums:


ABSALON in Task Force 151 (2009)

On Thursday, February 12, 2009, the command and support ship ABSALON was transferred to the US lead Combined Task Force 151 (TF151). This album shows boarding exercise and line ups.

>> Open the Album

Photo Album EJNAR MIKKELSEN embarks LCP (2009) - 01-25-2009:

Photo Album WISCONSIN replenish OLFERT FISCHER - 09-28-2008:

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-Latest Historical Articles:

The Explosion in Flensburg (1945)

Eksplosion i Flensborg

Four former Danish torpedo boats are destroyed in an explosion

A further account of the destruction of the four Danish DRAGEN and GLENTEN Class torpedo boats.

Read the story here...

The Battle of Sealand's Point (1808)

Kampen ved Sjællands Odde 22. marts 1808

"At Eventide on open Sea
the Vessels they did Meet"

After a battle lasting several hours, the ship of the line PRINDS CHRISTIAN FREDERIK, was destroyed on the evening of March 22, 1808 in a battle against superior British forces.

Read the story here...

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-Navy Life and Humour:

Saving the Madeira Wine (1874)

How two Danish Navy Cadets secured future Wine Production during a visit to Madeira

According to the writer, the Danish Navy had a hand in making it possible that we still today can enjoy a glass of Madeira wine.

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Danish Naval History books in English:

Naval Accidents since 1945

by Malcolm Maclean


The Danish armed forces 1909-1918
- Between politicians and strategic reality

by Brigadier General Michael Clemmensen





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