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Maritime Links
- Danish Military Authorities

Below you will find a number of useful links to other sites of Naval/Maritime interest. You can choose a topic in the menu to the right.

- The flags just to the right of a link indicates the accessible languages.

 Danish Military Authorities:


1st Squadron, Frederikshavn
- (1. Eskadre) National missions, including the North Atlantic area


2nd Squadron, Korsoer
- (2. Eskadre) International missions and NATO NRF


Admiral Danish Fleet, Aarhus
- (Søværnets operative Kommando)


Air Tactical Command, Karup
- (Flyvertaktisk Kommando)


Army Operational Command, Karup
- (Hærens Operative Kommando)


Danish Defence Acquisition and Logistics Organization, Ballerup
- (Forsvarets Materieltjeneste)


Royal Danish Defence College, Copenhagen
- (Forsvarsakademiet)


Defense Command Denmark, Copenhagen
- (Forsvarskommandoen)


Danish Ministry of Defense, Copenhagen
- (Forsvarsministeriet)


Danish Naval Home Guard, Copenhagen
- (Marinehjemmeværnet)


Danish Task Group, Korsoer
- (Søværnets Taktiske Stab)


Island Commander Faroes
- (Færøernes Kommando)


Island Commander Greenland
- (Grønlands Kommando)


Naval Academy, Copenhagen
 - (Søværnets Officersskole)


Naval District Bornholm, Roenne


OPLOG Frederikshavn, Frederikshavn
(ex. Naval Base Frederikshavn)


OPLOG Korsoer, Korsoer
- (ex. Naval Base Korsoer)

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