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Minelayers to Estonia:

Two former Minelayers sold to Estonia

The Royal Danish Navy has sold two decommissioned minelayers of the LINDORMEN Class to Estonia

One of the minelayers will be part of the young Estonian Navy, while the other one should serve as a civilian training ship for the Estonian Maritime Academy.

The two former minelayers of the LINDORMEN Class

The two former minelayers of the LINDORMEN Class,
LINDORMEN to the left and LOSSEN to the right.
(Photo: Archives of the Royal Danish Naval Museum)

By Johnny E. Balsved

The Royal Danish Navy has sold two of its former minelayers of the LINDORMEN Class to Estonia. The minelayers were decommisssioned from the RDN October 22, 2004, as part of the Defense agreement.

But the former minelayers will undertake new tasks for the Estonians.

Training Vessel

The LOSSEN was bought by the Estonian Maritime Academy and is intended to be used primarily as a civilian traing vessel for new marine officers.

Minelayer LOSSEN

The minelayer LOSSEN.
(Photo: Royal Danish Navy)

The sale of this second ship follows the previous sale this year of the sistership LINDORMEN to the Estonian Navy, whereafter both ships will of the LINDORMEN Class will serve the Estonian nation.

Tender and Utility Vessel

In April 2006 the LINDORMEN was handed over to the Estonian Navy, where it will serve primarily as a tender and utility vessel for the young navy.

The LOSSEN is the fourth ship to be sold or handed over to the Estonians.

In 1994 the former arctic patrol cutter MALLEMUKKEN was handed over to the newly established Estonaian Navy, and in 2000 the off shore patrol vessel BESKYTTEREN was handed over.

BESKYTTEREN is now the flag carrier of the Estonian Navy carrying the name ADMIRAL PITKA, and MALLEMUKKEN is named AHTI.

LINDORMEN ses her efter overdragelsen 2006 til den estiske flåde

LINDORMEN seen here after being handed over in 2006 to the Estonian Navy,
where it was named TASUJA.
Estonian Defence Forces)



Estonian Defence Forces, Estonia


Estonian Maritime Academy, Estonia


Forsvarskommandoen (Defence Command) - Copenhagen


OPLOG Frederikshavn - Operativt Logistisk Støttecenter Frederikshavn

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