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Navy News - 2007

In this section you will find the latest news form the Royal Danish Navy as they are published on official defense web sites, in Danish papers and other medias.

Today's news might be tomorrows history.


New class of vessels named

The eighth vessel to carry the name DIANA. Yesterday morning the RDN's newest vessel was assigned the name DIANA. It is one of the so-called Mk II vessels, which is to replace the BARSØ Class naval cutters.


CIWS fired for the first time

ABSALON fires her new Close-In Weapons System for the first time. As part of completing the installation of her combat systems, the command and support ship ABSALON underwent final checks on the ship's gunnery systems.


First Mk II received

BARSØ-class replacements are on their way at last. On Tuesday, November 6, the Danish Defense Acquisition and Logistics Organization (DALO) took delivery of the first of a total of six new standard vessels of the so-called Mk II type, after several months' delay.


Gun's cupola ripped off

Kanonskjoldet revet af

The Off Shore Patrol Frigate THETIS damaged off Greenland. During a passage from the Faroes to Greenland, powerful waves broke over the ship's foredeck and smashed the cupola of the ships' gun.


MSD6 launched in Skagen

The sixth and last Mk I standard vessel takes to the water! On Saturday Danish Yacht A/S launched the last of the HOLM-class vessels, on time and according to schedule.


Corvette returns home again

OLFERT FISCHER completes her 3-month NATO-tour around Africa. On Sunday at 1000 hrs the corvette OLFERT FISCHER re-entered her home port of Korsør precisely three months after departure.


Second OPV in Skagen

Both new Off Shore Patrol Vessels together for the first time. The second hull for the KNUD RASMUSSEN Class of arctic patrol vessels has arrived at Karstensens Skibsværft A/S in Skagen.


Resurrection of the missile/torpedo boats

Book launch followed by opening of museum ship. The new book "Søheltenes skibe" (Ships of the heroes of the sea), the story of the ten WILLEMOES-class missile/torpedo boats, is launched together with the news that SEHESTED is to be opened to the public.


Only one operational corvette

The RDN can no longer maintain the force set in the Defense Agreement. RDN personnel shortage now so acute, that the target headcount set in the current Defense Agreement can no longer be achieved.


ABSALON's First MU90 Topedo Shot

ABSALON fires her anti-submarine torpedoes for the first time. On Saturday the Command and Support Ship conducted a successful first firing of two practice MU-90 anti-submarine torpedoes.


ABSALON finally at sea

The Command and Support Ship ABSALON is technical completed. After several months with starboard side at the pier in Korsør, the ship could be declared finished, and ready for the extensive operative tests.


VIBEN heads for home

Participation in the Lebanon force almost finished. Shortage of ships and personnel means that the Danish Navy's participation in UNIFIL won't be extended beyond the current deployment, which ends in August.


OLFERT FISCHER on long-distance assignment

The Danish corvette in a historic NATO patrol around the Cape. On July 21 the corvette departs Korsør for a 3-month attachment to NATO's standing naval force, SNMG 1.


ABSALON's completed profile

The Command and Support Ship's Superstructure is finally complete. At the end of June the last radar was installed on the support ship ABSALON, and her completed profile can be seen for the first time.

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Frigate building in progress


HAVFRUEN is the name


Next Stop Malta


ABSALON to Task Force 150


Frigate keel on station

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