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Navy News - Archive

In this section you will find the latest news form the Royal Danish Navy as they are published on official defense web sites, in Danish papers and other medias.

Today's news might be tomorrows history.


Half-way on the Galathea Expedition

The 3rd Danish Galathea Expedition has now reached Sydney. The off shore patrol frigate VÆDDEREN arrived Sunday, December 10, and to day was the time for the planned change of the ships Commander and crew.


New Arctic Patrol Vessels

First Polish built Hull for new Danish patrol vessel delivered to Skagen. The completed hull for the first of two new Danish arctic patrol vessels was last week towed from Gdansk in Poland to Karstensens Ship Yard in Skagen.


First Helicopter Deck Landing

Swedish VISBY Class Corvette sees first Helicopter Deck Landing. A Royal Danish Navy Super Lynx helicopter performed the first ever helicopter deck landing on the HMS VISBY.

Back to Russia

The remains of the Danish born mother of Russia's last tsar was sailed on board the ESBERN SNARE from Copenhagen to St. Petersburg, exactly 140 years after she first arrived in Russia.

Third Mk I Vessel Launched

The Second New Surveying Vessel near Completion. The new vessel, pennant number A542, was painted in orange as it will serve as a surveying vessel like its sister ship the BIRKHOLM.

First Mk II Hull delivered

Installations on the First of Six New Surveillance Vessels have started. Faaborg Ship Yard has now received the first molded hull of the Mk II Class from the Swedish yard Kockums AB.

Minelayers to Estonia

Two former Minelayers sold to Estonia. One of the minelayers will be part of the young Estonian Navy, while the other one should serve as a civilian training ship for the Estonian Maritime Academy.

06-24-2006 [upd.]:

New Patrol Ships

Three new large frigate sized patrol ships for the RDN are approved. The final projecting of three new large patrol ships is now underway, production can start, and the new ships will be ready for commissioning in 2010-2011.


Danish Ice Breaker on the move

It is not the ice conditions in Danish waters that calls for the ice breakers assistance, but DANBJØRN shall assist the Swedes for a couple of weeks.


3rd Galathea Expedition 2006-07

Preparations well underway for the third Galathea Expedition.

The offshore patrol frigate VÆDDEREN will be the maritime platform for a number of scientists and researchers on the third Galathea Expedition round the world.


Canadian Helo Crash

A Canadian Sea King Helicopter crashes off the eastern coast of Denmark.

All five crew members were recovered safely immediately after their CH-124 Sea King Helicopter crashed around 50 kilometers off the coast of Denmark. The accident happened while the crew practiced night landings on the deck of the HMCS ATHABASKAN.


First MK I delivered

The Navy took Delivery of the First of Six new MK I Standard Vessels.

The new standard vessels can perform a great number of operational duties and will replace a number of smaller and older naval units.


Patrol ships project

Engineering of the new big Patrol Ships is very near finished.

The building of three new patrol ships is expected to start in 2007, and all three ships are expected to be fully fitted and commissioned from 2011-2012.


ESBERN SNARE commissioned

The Second Command and Support Ship delivered to the Navy.

Today, the Royal Danish Navy received ESBERN SNARE, the second and last of the new command and support ships from Odense Steel Shipyard, Lindø.


Frigate like Patrol Ships

Finishing the Engineering of the new Patrol Ships.

The engineering of the three new patrol ships continues as part of the recent defense agreement for 2005-2009.

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