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First MK I delivered:

The Navy took Delivery of
the First of Six new
MK I Standard Vessels

The new standard vessels can perform a great number of operational duties and will replace a number of smaller and older naval units

By the end of January the Royald Danish Navy took delivery of the first of the planned building programme of  six new prototype vessels initially designated the MK I standard vessels.

By Johnny E. Balsved

January 27, 2006 marked another start to the continued standardization of ships in the Royal Danish Navy when the RDN took delivery of the first of a total of six new MK I standard vessels.

This first vessel is not yet named, but carrying the pennant number A541, will primarily be equipped as a surveying vessel. The outfit and installation of military equipment will be handed at the Naval Base in Korsoer, where the vessel was destinated immediately after the take over.

Standardfartøj MK I

The first MK I standard vessel with the pennant number A541 is being launched from Danish Yacht A/S in Skagen, Saturday December 10, 2005.
(Photo: Danish Yacht A/S, Skagen)

A number of different tasks

The first vessel, the A541, was given the orange/creme colors which has been used for the navy's smaller surveying vessels over the recent years, theese colors will also be given to the number 3 vessel, which wil also be primarily used for surveying operations.

Balance four vessels well be painted standard grey, as the number 2 and 4 unit should serve as training vessels for naval cadets, while number 5 and 6 unit should serve as station vessel and mine clearance vessels.

However the basic standardization of this class implicates that the vessels with only minor modification can solve quite a number of different naval tasks.

The second vessel are due for delivery in March 2006, and alle six veesels will be fully operational by the beginning of 2008. All six vesselv will be built at the Danish Yacht A/S in Skagen.

MK I under bygning hos Dansk Yard A/S

The work on the secon standard vessel is well underway, here is the hull of a
MK I vessel at the ship yard in Skagen.
(Photo: Danish Yacht A/S, Skagen)

Also a MK II

The first standard vessels are initially named MK I, and certainly there will also be a MK II. December 3, 2004 the Naval Material Command signed a contract with the Faaborg Ship Yard for the contruction of six vessels of the MK II type.

The MK II type shall replace the more than 30 years old naval patrol cutters of the BARSØ Class.

First MK II is sheduled for operational service in late April 2007, and the last will be available end July 2008.

Latest designers sketch of the new MK II standard vessels on order from the Faaborg Ship Yact.
(Skitse fra
Søværnets Materielkommando)

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Danish Yacht A/S, Skagen


Søværnets Materielkommando, (Naval Material Command) Copenhagen


Søværnets operative Kommando, (Admiral Danish Fleet) Aarhus.

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