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November 14, 2008

Frigate building in progress:

Building of the new frigates proceeds according to plan

However it seems as if the information procedures at The Defence Acquisition and Logistics Organization requires considerable update in order to give the taxpayer proper information during the building period.

Building of the new frigates proceeds according to plan.
(Photo from
Danish Defense Acquisition and Logistics Organization)

Click here to see the photos in a higher resolution...

By Johnny E. Balsved

The Defence Acquisition and Logistics Organization (DALO) told Wednesday November 12th on their home page about the building of the new frigates. In dock 1 at Odense Steel Shipyard Ltd in Munkebo the blocs are welded together and the outline of a ships hull starts to show.

Presently 14 such giant "Legoblocs" has been assembled in the area which in 2010 will constitute the ships engine rooms.

The blocs themselves are produced at two shipyards in the Baltic states owned by Odense Steel Shipyard Ltd – in Loksa in Estonia and Baltija at Kleipeda, Lithuania. When finished they are transported by barge to Odense and placed in dock 1 for assembly.

According to plan the first frigate will be fully assembled in the spring of 2009. Afterwards the fit out with equipment and systems will continue on board in order that DALO can deliver the first frigate with pennant number F361 from yard late 2010.

Lack of information

Since the widely publicized ceremony, June 2nd this year, around placing the first building bloc in the dock – comparable to laying the keel – it has been extremely limited what information on the building process has come from DALO, if any.

But then, Wednesday 12th, DALO managed to come up with a bit of supplementary information, and let it be know that when this site approached DALO to get the pictures for this article of something more than stamp seize they promptly arrived, as can be seen here on site.

Why ordinary information on the largest naval building project in Danish history should be so difficult to obtain would be beyond the imagination of most people, not least the readers here at "Navalhistory.dk".

Building of the new frigates proceeds according to plan.
(Photo from
Danish Defense Acquisition and Logistics Organization)

Click here to see the photos in a higher resolution...

No admission

Navalhistory.dk has at several occasions tried to obtain pictures that could show the progress of the project, including the offer of taking these picture at the building site, but the building yard has not been able accommodate this mundane wish.

"The shipyard can unfortunately not accommodate your request to photograph the building of the frigates for the Navy. The shipyard do only allow outside photographers to take pictures of the new buildings during their build except on very rare occasions.

In this instance where the ship under build is for the Navy, the rule is not administered less restrictive", this is how a month long correspondence is answered.

So much the more reason to hope that DALO would be more keen to follow up on this project and inform the interested public, and taxpayers who provide the billions of kroners to this project.

Designudkast til de nye fregatter

A sketch of the new frigates as they will appear after completion.
(Drawing from
Danish Defense Acquisition and Logistics Organization)

Translated by Lars-Henrik Arvedsen

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Danish Defense Acquisition and Logistics Organization, Copenhagen


Odense Steel Shipyard Ltd., Lindø

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