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Half-way on the Galathea Expedition:

The 3rd Danish Galathea Expedition has now reached Sydney

The off shore patrol frigate VÆDDEREN arrived Sunday, December 10, and to day was the time for the planned change of the ships Commander and crew.

The Danish Minister of Defence is saluted by the ships Guard of Honour

The Danish Minister of Defence is saluted by the ships Guard of Honour.
(Photo: Royal Danish Navy)

By Johnny E. Balsved

As the Danish off shore patrol frigate VÆDDEREN arrived at Sydney it meant the end of the journey for the ships present military crew, as a new fresh crew was ready to take over as planned.

The ship has, since it left Copenhagen, August 11, served as the maritime platform for the 3rd Galathea Expedition, a Danish scientific expedition around the world.

Parade at Sydney Harbor

To day was the day for change over of commands and the new military crew to take over the ship.

The event was marked with a military parade on the pier beside the ship in Sydney harbor, where the Danish Minister of Defence, Søren Gade, and the Admiral Danish Fleet, Rear Admiral Nils Wang, was present.

They could thank the released crew for a job well done, and at the same time wishing all the best for the new members of the crew.

The expedition has now been well over 4 months en route. The ship and researchers on board have been on the Faroe Islands, in Greenland, through the Atlantic Ocean, south of Africa, across the Indian Ocean and now in Australia.

VÆDDEREN has sailed 27,300 nautical miles sofar, or around 50,000 km. After departing Sydney on December 14, the ship will continue to the Solmon Islands and Christchurch in New Zealand.

Change in Command

Not just the crew was released, but the ship also got a new commanding officer (CO).

To CO, Captain Carsten Schmidt, who was released, the change in command also meant his last job in the Royal Danish Navy, as he is due for retirement.

A well earned retirement after 45 years of service at sea, wheras 38 years in the RDN.

The new CO, Captain Lars H. Hansen, has of course been following the first part of the expedition to be well prepared for this new assignment.

He started his military career as junior officer on some of the RDN torpedo boats and has also previously been in command of the off shore patrol frigates.

Captain Lars H. Hansen

Captain Lars H. Hansen, the new CO.

To be aquainted and best prepared for his new assignment, he already joined the ship in Hobart, a week ago, before he took over as CO today.

No, the two Captains are not out for a duel, just having a friendly talk

No, the two Captains are not up for a duel, just having a friendly talk.
(Photo: Royal Danish Navy)

Home via Antarctica

The new crew is now ready to take the ship, researchers and media people on a safe journey back to Denmark, where the ship is planned to arrive on April 25, next year.

Ahead is about 4½ months on board the VÆDDEREN on an expedition that will among others bring the ship on a 4 weeks cruise off Antarctica. A tour that might bring some challenges due to the weather conditions, according to Captain Lars Hansen.

The released crew will fly directly back to Denmark and make ready for some well deserved Christmas holidays.

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The Danish Expedition Foundation - Copenhagen


Søværnets operative Kommando, (Admiral Danish Fleet) Aarhus.

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