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First Swedish Helicopter Deck Landing:

Swedish VISBY Class Corvette sees first Helicopter Deck Landing

A Royal Danish Navy Super Lynx helicopter performed the first ever helicopter deck landing on the HMS VISBY

The Swedish first-of-class corvette HMS VISBY

The Swedish first-of-class corvette HMS VISBY, is right now performing the first ever helicopter deck landings in cooperation with the Royal Danish Navy.
(Photo: Försvarsmakten, Marinen, HMS VISBY)

By Johnny E. Balsved

On November 7, a Royal Danish Super Lynx Mk 90B conducted the first ever helicopter deck landing on the first-of-class Swedish corvette VISBY inside the Naval Base in Frederikshavn.

The Swedish corvette left its base at the naval station in Karlskrona the day before, and would based in Frederikshavn for the next two weeks to perform extensive helcopter operations with the Royal Danish Navy Helicop-ter Squadron.

20 Take Offs and Landings

This was followed by an estimated 20 deck landings the next day outside Frederikshavn, where the Swedish ship should train helicopter deck landings at high speed and in rough sea.

The main purpose is to train the Swedish crew in helicopter operations, and get detailed SHOL (Ship Helicopter Operation Limits).

Emergency landings, fire, and transport of casualties were also practiced on this second day of operations. The training flights will continue during the following days.

According to Jane's Navy International, Mats Elofsson, Visby programme manager in the Swedish Defence Materiel Administration (FMV), it was decided to conduct the first trials with a Danish Lynx because of the Danish Lynx community's experience with ship-based helicopter operations.

"Our first priority is to certify the ship as a helicopter operating platform," he said. "The next step will be to certify our own helicopter - the new Hkp 15 (the A109 Light Utility Helicopter System from AgustaWestland) - for landings and take-offs from Visby-class ships. These trials will likely begin in the second quarter of 2007."

A Royal Danish Navy Super Lynx Mk 90B performs a landing on the Swedish corvette HMS VISBY

A Royal Danish Navy Super Lynx Mk 90B performs a landing on the Swedish corvette HMS VISBY outside Frederikshavn.
(Photo: Försvarsmakten, Marinen, HMS VISBY)

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Jane's Navy International


Försvarsmakten, Marinen, HMS VISBY


OPLOG Frederikshavn - Operativt Logistisk Střttecenter Frederikshavn

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