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ABSALON's First MU90 Torpedo Shot:

ABSALON fires her anti-submarine torpedoes for the first time

On Saturday the Command and Support Ship conducted a successful first firing of two practice MU-90 anti-submarine torpedoes.

On Saturday, August 18, at 1030 hrs the first MU-90 torpedo lefts its launcher from the command and support ship ABSALON.
(Foto: Søværnet, 2. Eskadre)

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By Johnny E. Balsved

As soon as the Danish Defense Acquisition and Logistics Organization (DALO) had completed fitting out the military systems on board the command and support ship ABSALON, the first operational exercises were ready to be successfully conducted.

The following day, Saturday August 18, the vessel test-fired in Sejerø Bugt her MU-90 anti-submarine torpedoes for the first time, which for the purposes of the exercise are referred to as Practice Delivery Torpedo (PDT).

The test-firings were the first of their type, in the sense that the particular torpedo tubes on board, the, Mk. 32 Mod 14, had never before been used for test-firings with MU-90.

Not even one of our NATO-allies to the south which operate an identical weapons system has test-fired a PDT.

The first shot is fired

The purpose of these first test-firings was, amongst other things, to measure the torpedo's trajectory from launch to hitting the water.

The launch height, angle, and type of tube were all hitherto unknown factors.

Previously, the PDT has only been tested from the FLYVEFISKEN-class, in which the torpedo tubes are located a mere two meters above the surface of the water; this time there was a new type of launcher and the height above the surface was about eight meters.

At 1030 hrs the first PDT left its tube, and a small blue parachute opened behind it as planned.

Its purpose is to ensure that the torpedo enters the water at the correct angle of attack.

37 seconds later the torpedo surfaced, thanks to successful inflation of the floatation bladder.

The torpedo was subsequently recovered with the help of the support ship's inflatable, and then hoisted back on board.

Successful testing

The forward tubes on both sides were test-fired.

On ABSALON's missile deck, after being recovered, the anti-submarine torpedo was placed in a storage rack before being packed in a transport crate.

Recovery of the MU-90 torpedo by
ABSALON's inflatable boat.
(Photo: RDN, 2nd Squadron)

The MU-90 torpedo is placed in a storage rack on ABSALON's missile deck.
(Photo: RDN, 2nd Squadron)

Mk. 32 Mod. 14 torpedo launcher on ABSALON's weapon deck.
(Photo: Danish Defense Acquisition and Logistics Organization)

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The whole procedure from launch to being hoisted on board lasted approximately 30 minutes and involved a large part of ABSALON's crew, together with personnel from DALO, the Navy Weapons School, and OPLOG Frederikshavn.

The other test firing took place with a satisfactory result, and both test-firings bode well for ABSALON's tasks in the period to October 2 during the forthcoming DANEX and NEPTUNE WARRIOR exercises.

The command and support ship ABSALON at anchor off Sjællands Odde on Saturday, August 18, after successfully test-firing anti-submarine torpedoes.
(Photo: Johnny E. Balsved)

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Translated by Alan Russel (November 21, 2007)

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Danish Defense Acquisition and Logistics Organization


RDN, 2nd Squadron

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