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Google shows mine clearance drones:

Mine Clearance Drones
Revealed by Satellite

Satellite photos from Google Earth reveal the four vessels neatly laid-up at the Danish Navy’s depot.

Satellite photo from Google Earth clearly show the four
laid-up mine clearance drones.

Google Earth)

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By Johnny E. Balsved

In April of last year navalhistory.dk reported the curious story of the six MRD Class mine clearance drones. Four have been stripped of their equipment and laid up at the Danish Navy's depot at Jerup in Vendsyssel (Northern Jutland) for a number of years.

Back then it was not possible to obtain a photograph of the vessels laid-up in the middle of a forest, but now satellite photos from Google Earth clearly show the four vessels neatly laid-up at the Danish Navy's depot.

Uncertain future

So far there has been no official announcement on what is to happen to the six mine clearing units that comprise the MRD Class, of which five have been stripped of equipment and laid up (as mentioned in a previous article on this website).

The drones are officially still in service with the Danish Navy, but apart from MRD4, none of them have been ready for service for several years.

Two new HOLM-class mine clearance drones, HIRSHOLM and the as yet unnamed MSD6, are due to enter service. MSD6 is due to be named in March 2008, and thereafter it's expected both vessels will become operative.

It's intended these two new vessels will replace the six MRD Class vessels, which will subsequently probably be scrapped, sources revealed to navalhistory.dk.

One of the total of six mine clearance vessels, MRD4, seen here at Korsør Naval Base in 2005

One of the total of six mine clearance vessels, MRD4, seen here
at Korsør Naval Base in 2005.

(Photo: Johnny E. Balsved)

Translated by Alan Russel (April 6, 2008)

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